Get Better Fuel Economy


At Heritage Mazda Bel Air we love driving brand new 2018 Mazda models, but no matter what model you drive, new or old, we all face the same issue: gas mileage. Getting the best gas mileage out of your vehicle is a favorite topic so we thought we’d help out.

We’re sharing some of our favorite tips for saving gas this summer so that you can get spend more time enjoying the summer and less time fueling up at the gas station.

When you start up a car that’s been sitting idle for a few hours your, engine is cold and therefore uses more fuel as your engine heats up over the first several miles. To spend less fuel every day, try and make fewer trips. Plan to get as many of your errands done in one outing as possible to save some gas.

Another tactic for getting better fuel economy is to remove all the items from your vehicle that you don’t need. Everything from camping gear to sporting equipment to your roof racks adds extra weight which makes your engine work harder, using up more gas.

With the summer heat beating down, you may want to blast the air conditioning or keep the windows rolled down. However, both can burn more gas. When on the highway, keep your windows and sunroof closed to prevent extra drag. Likewise, keep your AC usage down as much as you can to save fuel.

An easy way to ensure that you’re getting the best fuel economy possible is to maintain proper tire pressure. Underinflated tires make it harder for your car to move down the road and in turn, eats up more gas.

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