For Mazda, fuel efficiency should never be sacrificed for incredible performance and it shows in the way they’ve designed their line of new Mazda cars. At Heritage Mazda Bel Air we’re big believers of the performance and fuel efficiency of a Mazda, and its all due in huge part to Mazda’s iconic Skyactiv® Technology.  

As other automakers attempt to find a balance between fuel economy and performance, Mazda manages to hit the nail on the head thanks to their Skyactiv® Technology. What is Skyactiv® Technology? Well, it is a package of technologies that Mazda engineers put together to enhance both fuel economy and performance. Skyactiv® is incorporated into every step of the design process from the build of the body to the various nuances packed inside each Mazda engine. As a result, drivers can expect simply stellar performance, all while spending far less at the pump.  

One major aspect of Skyactiv® is the use of a lighter chassis. With less weight to haul the engine doesn’t have to work nearly as hard. This light design doesn’t come at a sacrifice to durability either, as Mazda engineers have designed a chassis that is as strong as it is lightweight. In any Mazda vehicle, you’ll find optimized transmissions as well in the form of a 6-speed automatic and manual. Both of these transmission variants provide a responsive driving experience as well as some serious fuel conservation. At the heart of the Skyactiv® Technology package, is the engines designed by Mazda. A typical engine will only utilize 30 percent of the energy produced through combustion, Mazda designed an engine that can better harness this power. The Skyactiv®-G 2.0-liter and 2.5-liter engines provide far greater fuel economy, all while harnessing a larger portion of expelled power.  

Skyactiv® Technology is just one way that Mazda is leading the charge in automotive technology and design. If you want to experience the power and seamless design of a Mazda car in person, our Mazda dealers at Heritage Mazda Bel Air can set you up with a test drive where they fill you in on all of the details.? 

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