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Do Used Cars Get Inspected?

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For many years now, used car dealerships have gotten a bad rap. Thanks in large part to their portrayal in things like movies and TV shows, many people are wary of them and fear buying a “lemon.” The truth is that, by and large most dealerships are not trying to pawn off a bad vehicle on you.

When you look for "used cars near me" – especially those found at Heritage Mazda Bel Air – you know you will have a big selection of quality vehicles to pick from. This is because all of our used cars are thoroughly inspected.

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What Happens During a Wheel Alignment?

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If you’re not familiar with how cars work or what it takes to keep them in good shape, maintenance may seem mysterious. This is why our Mazda service center aims to inform and educate everyone about what actually goes on behind those big rolling doors. 

One type of service we perform often is wheel alignment. Find out how it works, why it’s important, and signs that your car needs one today.

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What Does It Mean to Service Brakes?

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Contrary to popular belief, brake service doesn’t just mean getting new brakes. The brake system is made up of many different parts, including pads, shoes, and rotors. When there’s a problem, fixing it often means repairing or replacing one of those parts.

So, how do you know it’s time to look for a service center that can fix "brakes near me?"

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High-Mileage Mazda Car Care in Fallston, MD

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We see it all the time: Mazda vehicles with high mileage that still run great regardless of what their odometer says. Our Mazda service technicians at Heritage Mazda Bel Air know plenty about high-mileage car care and can keep your engine purring smoothly for many years to come in the greater Aberdeen, MD area.

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