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If you’re not familiar with how cars work or what it takes to keep them in good shape, maintenance may seem mysterious. This is why our Mazda service center aims to inform and educate everyone about what actually goes on behind those big rolling doors. 

One type of service we perform often is wheel alignment. Find out how it works, why it’s important, and signs that your car needs one today.

What Is a Wheel Alignment? 

In order for your car to have optimal driving performance, the wheels have to have perfect alignment. Over time, it can start to falter. An alignment makes sure the wheels and axles are squared with one another., and the tires point straight Certain angles may need to be adjusted, including the caster, camber, or toe.

If you have a four- or all-wheel drive vehicle, you will need a four-wheel alignment in order for both axles to have proper alignment. If your car runs with front-wheel drive, it will only need a front-end alignment. 

Why Is Alignment Important? 

When your wheels are properly aligned, this ensures they are offering you the safest driving experience. You will also have a smoother ride. A perfect alignment helps give your tires a longer lifespan as well. 

How Do I Know I Need an Alignment? 

The biggest red flag when it comes to alignment is veering. If your car pulls to one side or another, chances are good it’s not properly aligned. Other signs include noises like squealing from the tires or uneven tire wear.  

If your car is acting funny and you think it has to do with the alignment, get in touch with the service center at Heritage Mazda Bel Air. We’ll make sure it gets the care and attention it needs. 

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