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Now that you may be driving more, it’s vital that your car can keep up with the added workload. Your tires especially need to be in great shape, which is why regular tire rotations are so important. These tips from the Heritage Mazda service center will help you keep your tires in top condition:  

The Importance of Tires 

Though they probably all look the same, there is a very good chance that the tread levels on your tires vary, and perhaps pretty widely. This is because tires don’t wear down evenly. For example, you may make more right turns than left, so wear will be different on the tires on the right side compared to those on the left. And when the wear is different, this often leads to: 

  • Poor performance – Tires need to be rotated in order to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. 
  • Compromised fuel economy – Worn tires make the engine work harder, which means it burns more gas. 
  • Shorter lifespan – If you’ve bought tires recently, you know how expensive they are. Regular rotations make them last a lot longer. 

How Often Should Tires Be Rotated? 

There is really no right answer to this question. Essentially, the more you drive, the more often you should get a tire rotation. You can reference your owner's manual for the manufacturer recommended timeframe, or speak with one of our service specialists! We can help you get on a schedule.

Sometimes, your tires may "tell" you when they need to be rotated:

  • Uneven tire wear patterns
  • Vehicle vibration
  • Consistent loss of pressure

When’s the Last Time Your Tires Were Rotated? 

If you can’t remember your last tire rotation or it has been a very long time, make an appointment with the service center at Heritage Mazda Bel Air for an in-depth inspection. We can also give your car any other service it may need. 

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