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Even if you stay on top of all the required service for your Mazda car, parts will wear down. A system that feels the strain every time you drive is your brakes. This is especially true if you often find yourself in a lot of stop-and-go traffic.

Eventually your brakes will need Mazda repair or a replacement with one of the many included parts.

Pads, Shoes, or Rotors

In most cases when it comes to your brakes, you will need a replacement rather than a repair. Pads and shoes don’t typically last that long; at about the 30,000-mark they will start showing signs of wear. While rotors can last for the life of a vehicle, they may need to be replaced if your brake pads wear through and start to damage it.

Brake Line

A brake line is something else that may at some point need to be replaced, as it can develop holes. Air can also get trapped in the line, which will have a negative impact on braking. Removing the excess air is called bleeding, and this is a fairly common brake repair.

Warning Signs with Your Brakes

There are things you don’t want to ignore with your brakes that tell you something is wrong. These include:

A Soft or Spongey Brake Pedal

A brake pedal should be firm, and if it’s soft, this may indicate that the brake fluid is leaking.

Squeaking or Grinding

If you hear a squeaking when you apply the brakes, this is probably due to a thinning pad. Grinding may mean that the pad has completely worn through and is now rubbing against the rotor. 


If your vehicle shakes when you brake, it likely has to do with bad rotors.

Are your brakes acting up? Make an appointment with the service center at Heritage Mazda Bel Air to have them looked at by the experts.

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