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While there’s no controlling gas prices, you do have some control over how much gas you use. Taking fewer trips every day, not accelerating so quickly, and reducing your idling times are all ways to decrease your usage.

And if you get regular Mazda service, this can also help you maximize a tank of gas.

Changing the Oil 

The main job of oil is to keep moving engine parts lubricated so that it offers optimal performance. When oil gets old and thicker, the engine struggles to work as efficiently, and it uses up gas at a faster rate. This is why changing the oil about every six months is recommended. You also need to make sure you use the right oil. For example, while it’s more expensive, synthetic oil can boost your gas mileage.  

Checking the Air Pressure 

You may not know it, but the air in your tires plays a big role in how your car operates. First of all, both under- and overinflated tires are a safety risk. Secondly, if the psi (pounds per square inch) is too low, it negatively affects your fuel economy. This is why you should make a point to have this checked every few months, as the psi can be affected by fluctuating temperatures.  

Improve Your Fuel Economy Today with the Right Maintenance 

If you’re tired of having to stop to get gas so often, you may be able to fix this by having your car serviced. For an oil change, air pressure check, and anything else you need, just make an appointment with the service center at Heritage Mazda Bel Air.  

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