RGB_6_2.jpgAt Heritage Mazda Bel Air, our commitment to Mazda service is one of the driving forces behind our dealership. When you bring your Mazda in for any number of service or maintenance tasks, you’ll want to know you’re in good hands.

Today we’ll go over some of the key points of Mazda service, and why our inspection service is crucial to your car’s long-term health.

Mazda Servicing

Mazda dealerships take the utmost care in training our service technicians, and Heritage Mazda Bel Air is no different. Count on a full inspection and report card to tell you, in detail, what kind of condition your Mazda is in and what short- and long-term service we recommend.

Inspection Points

Beyond the basics, which can include oil changes, fluid level checks and fluid changes, and brake inspections here is a list of inspection points that our Mazda service center can perform.

  • Inspect all light functions
  • Inspect tire inflation and wear
  • Inspect and tighten bolts and nuts on chassis and body
  • Inspect and lubricate all locks and hinges
  • Inspect fuel lines and hoses
  • Inspect front and wheel suspension and ball joints
  • Inspect wheel bearing axial play
  • Inspect engine valve clearance
  • Inspect hoses and tubes for emissions

Long Term Service

Beyond regular maintenance and service checks, there are other tiers of long-term service tasks that are important to keep in mind. These occur at the 20,000-, 40,000-, and 60,000-mile mark and include many of the points above.

Also, keep tabs on your tires. They should be rotated every 20,000 to 30,000 miles, in order to prevent uneven wear.

Contact Heritage Mazda Bel Air for more information on the level of inspection and care you can expect from our service center and schedule a service visit today.

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